I was born in Bodrum In 1959. I had completed my secondary education in Istanbul at Yıldız Elementary School and Vefa College. I graduated from Yıldız Technical University Department of Electrical Engineering ın Istanbul in 1982.

I worked as an R&D engineer in 1982-1986 for a Slovenian-Turkish joint enterprise Iskra Telematika and in 1986-1988 for Netaş and Bell Northern Research in Canada.

I moved to Bodrum in 1988 and founded 3 Z Soğutma Arıtma Ltd. We were serving 2500 houses, 300 hotels, motels, and complexes on the Bodrum peninsula. In 1999 we started architecture and real estate development, and I spent seven working with the real estate projects and investments.

In 2011 we got an offer to open Remax Pasha in Bodrum. In 2015 we decided to open our second office in Konacik where I became the broker. Henceforth we will continue to move up our limits with Pasha 3 offices in Bodrum.

Taking into consideration my previous experience in Bodrum I believe that I provide maximum customer satisfaction by selling the right product by the right analysis and with the right price. I would like to share my experience with my dear friends in following basis.

From now on;

1. REMAX COLLECTION Series with quality houses over $ 500,000

2. Special and high quality projects around TL 1,000,000

3. Quality lands

4. Hotel, Motel, tourism investment and tourism estates (regarding the Tourism Investments I signed a protocol with the General Managers of elite hotels from HOTEL PIMC (Hotel Project Investment Management Consultants). I plan to start the investment analysis for the hotels selling.

REMAX trainings I got;