Why Bodrum

Why Bodrum

"Bodrum is magic..."

Who knows how many poets or writers must have begun the creative process with this thought?

Due to Bodrum's enchanting qualities, over the milleniums, many cultural values have sprouted in this area that later became universal, and the property of the whole world.

What are these universal values that arose from Bodrum and became those of the whole world? Of course, the first of these is the the Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Herodotus grew up here. According to some, he was the world's first tourist, but his undisputed title is the "Father of History".

As for today, the Bodrum wooden yachts called "gulets"; the unique writer known as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus; Neyzen Tevfik who was a poet, musician and above all, a philosopher; and the architecture of the traditional stone houses are important cultural values that have begun the journey from local to universal.

The climate is also a big part of the Bodrum's attraction. It's never cold here, and low humidity is ideal for your health. Extremely friendly local Bodrum people will make you feel you are at home.

The energy of Bodrum will allow you to feel here so stress-free. If you came to Bodrum just for a holiday or you decided to live here all year round, every day will be filled with calmness and positive energy. To buy the house in Bodrum, a unique 2-storey white house is not difficult at all, it is so easy to say "hello" to your new life. Bodrum offers all kinds of lifestyle for any budget. In the center of Bodrum bars and restaurants are open in summer and winter for 12 months, so the social life never stops. You can choose living in the village of Gumusluk, still pristine, intellectual, with fish restaurants on the beach. Or maybe you prefer to become a part of the jet-set of a smart Türkbükü or trendy Yalikavak with its brand-new Palmarina packed by rich and famous, or you can shop in the shopping malls full of global brands. Bodrum city is a flower of the world, a rapidly growing center of peace, entertainment, health, sports, golf. You can have here any kind of life you want. It will be enough just buying one house from a variety of alternatives we offer, to become a part of unique life in Bodrum.


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